Welcome to the official online presence for the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games.

Three Decades! 30 years! That is a long time! But it seems like just yesterday that I started my association with the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games. Back then, I was known as "The Sound Guy." I was the first person to bring actual PA gear AND an engineer to help our wonderful performers sound their absolute best. We started with one small stage, but quickly grew to three, and even four, stages of live musical entertainment.

We have added other activities since then, too. There are lectures, workshops, childrens games, photo contests, and so much more. The Texas Scottish Festival and Highland GAmes may have started off small, but we are now one of the largest Scottish Gatherings in the nation.

So take your time. Wander through these pages. Look at the Schedule of Events, find your favorite locations on the maps, and get ready for a wonderful weekend full of Scottish Music, Games, Lectures, Workshops, Food, and Vendors. Remember, "If it's not Scottish, It's Crap!"


Jim McCrain, WebMaster

(And be sure to find me at one of the entertainment tents. I will be performing on-stage with Margaret Lyle Gravitt again this year! Come on up and say "Howdy!")