Dog and Pet Policy

Under normal circumstances dogs would not be allowed at Maverick Stadium or any other venue at the University of Texas at Arlington. (Can you imagine dogs at a football game?) However, because of the importance of Scottish breed dogs to the culture of Scotland and the fact that we have a Scottish breed dog show at the festival, we have received a variance to allow Scottish breed dogs on site as an educational privilege.

In the past we have not had to strictly enforce this rule as most dog owners understand. However, of late more non-Scottish breeds have been seen on site. This situation really threatens our variance to allow any dogs. We already pay a higher premium in insurance and security because of the fact we allow dogs. We have been able to keep this extra premium lower because of limiting to Scottish breeds only.

Most dog owners are responsible and understand that this event is unique and an opportunity for owners of Scottish breeds to attend with their pets.

We ask the cooperation of other pet owners to understand the situation and not threaten our ability to have any dogs attend the festival in future years.

Thank you.

BTW--We may go to the system of highland games in Scotland where dogs are charged an admission fee (usually 1/2 a child’s ticket). This would be fair considering the additional costs.

There will be a Dog Station on site maintained by volunteers from various Scottish breed rescue clubs. See program for location.